Meet The Founder


Erick is an active duty Navy Chief who has given his country 17 years of faithful service.  He loves hiking, backpacking & mountaineering, among other things. He finds the outdoors very calming and healing, and believes the therapeutic power of nature is very powerful.  His mental and physical health has drastically improved because of the time he spends outdoors. 

In 2018 while hiking the highest summits in Southern California, he realized that he needed to share such experiences with other service members and veterans in the hope that they too benefit physically and mentally in their own way.  With the support of his loving wife and family, he founded Hiking 4 Heroes in order to inspire and empower service members and veterans to opt outside by providing them with the resources to do so. His hope is to grow the organization to be able to host hikes, backpacking trips, facilitate outdoor training and provide gear to service members and veterans at no cost to them so they can too opt outside.